Good Morning and Happy HumpDay Ladies!

A quick reminder that comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to others and wanting what another has will rob you of your happiness. Trust, you don’t want any other life but the one you got. You don’t know their struggle. Embrace your unique talents, Stay in your lane and stop trying to swerve into another.

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This is something I like to preach because so often I find myself doing this very thing, Comparing. Social media makes it so easy too. All I have to do is click on my Instagram app and there she is. Tall, beautiful, and incredibly charming.

The first thing I do when I see someone I admire is compare myself to them. I’m not saying I’m insecure about myself, but I feel like we always want to be a better version of ourselves. We have a vision of how we want our lives to be and a goal we want to reach. So when we see someone who embodies those things we want, we tend to compare ourselves. It’s human, but I wish we would stop doing it.

We all struggle with this on some level. Like when your best friend announces that she’s engaged and although you are very excited for her, you can’t help but wish you were in her shoes. Or when your friend announces she got that incredible position that pays a ton and you’re at home eating ramen noodles every night. It’s not that you’re jealous of her, but there’s a little sting of envy that starts to creep in. You are genuinely happy for your girlfriend because when she’s up, were all up, right?! but you crave that life give you the same breaks.

Here is what I want you to remember, those breaks, those blessings are coming to you. They’re just coming to you at a different time. You’re on a different journey and you have a different story to tell and it’s ok to be in a different lane. We have to embrace our individual paths. There is no reason to compare yourself to anyone because they’re on a different journey too. We don’t need to keep up with anyone else. There’s no time frame, there are no standards. There is only your time, your standards, and your goals. How crowded would life be if we all traveled the same path, at the same time? Not cute!

Be thankful and appreciate who you are and where you are in life. You’re pretty awesome just being you!