Toxic Scape
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Who and what are you allowing to occupy space in your heart and in your mind?

It might be time to jack up the rent!

I firmly believe that there are toxic people in this world. People who, maybe unintentionally, bring you down. They have a negative aura about them and they just cant help but be pessimistic and negative. They try to call it ” Being Real” but all they’re doing is Being Real-ly toxic. I don’t want these types of people hanging around me so I decided to jack up the “rent” and kick some of those buggers out.
Nicely, of course.
Are you allowing some toxic people to rent space in your heart and in your mind? I think it might be time for you to Jack up the rent too!
What about Anger, Pain, Hurt, Disappointments, are you carrying all that baggage around?
Its time to let that baggage go!
I’ve been disappointed plenty of time in my life. I have failed and made mistakes just as many times too. I let my failures and disappointments take hold of my life and believe me that’s not what you want. You don’t want to walk around with a rain cloud hanging over you. Same applies to the people in your life. Someone who complains all the time and is never happy, All that negativity just seeps into you. Don’t let Negative Nancy bring you down and don’t let Sad Sam dull your shine.
Holding on to those things and people don’t allow for you to move forward. You wont have any room for success, when you’re renting out space to a pessimist.
Maybe you think you can’t let go or live without something or someone, well, guess what? you can! When you put yourself in a positive place, think good things and surround yourself with good people, you will witness your life change for the better.
Here’s the deal Girly Girl, you only have ONE life. Your main goal should be to make the very best of it. You must strive to be happy and lead a positive life everyday. Granted, Some day’s are harder than others but as long as you stay in a positive mindset you can overcome that bad day. I think it’s so important to have good people around you. People who breathe life into you. People who support you. Not saying you need a bunch of Yes men but people who genuinely want to see you succeed. People who challenge you in a positive way.
We have to learn to let go of things and people simply because they’re no good for you.