I love, love. I am absolutely enamored with the thought of loving someone and someone loving me in return. I have spent the earliest part of my adult life trying to find it, to no avail. I focused so much energy on trying to be the right person for someone else that I forgot to follow my own heart, set goals and become the person I wanted to be. You would think chasing after love should yield happiness right, well, it doesn’t. Instead, I have found that my darkest days have been spent loving someone else. I realized that the people I was looking for love in, were not sent to me by God. Just because you have a connection with someone does not mean you need to love them. I was actively searching for love instead of allowing God to place me in it.
Not allowing God to direct my path toward my Boaz has lead me to dating people that are not meant for me. Most people say dating is how you find who you are meant to be with but I disagree wholeheartedly. Dating and courtship have lost all meaning. We date people because we are lonely and more than half of the time the end result is someone being hurt, Not love. Maybe I sound like a cynic but I am not cynical at all. Like I said before I love, LOVE, however, creating soul ties to someone who is not meant for you is absolutely TOXIC. When your soul connects to another human being it is very difficult to disconnect. You take a piece of that person along with you for the rest of your life.
Maybe, I learned this truth later in life but God has revealed many things to me. I can only attribute this to my connection with Jesus and his placing things in my heart that I was unaware of before. Luckily, when you wake up from the trance the enemy places you in, you have the opportunity to release yourself from the things that bind you. Release yourself from the yoke of toxic love.
We are not perfect people but we are loved by a perfect God, and that is all the love we need!