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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
― Neale Donald Walsch

I remember when I first felt uncomfortable.It was like hunger pangs. I couldn’t ignore it and boy was it was persistent. Though it took me a while to make the first move, eventually I did listen to my instincts. I knew that if I wanted to see change I needed to actually do something.
The growth process is a beautiful thing and it is so very necessary. If you intend to live life to its fullest potential, you need to learn to take risks and unfortunately you can’t do that if you stick to what is comfortable or familiar. Familiarity is comforting but there is no room for growth there. Its scary, I know it is. Many times we forget to look inward and reflect on areas that can be upgraded in our lives, or, we forget to look outward and see our lives from an outside perspective. We fear what might be revealed but this is the only way you will get a clear picture of your life. Do not confuse introspection with comparison though, Your journey is unique and God will advise of any areas in your life that need improvement. With daily prayer and thanksgiving these things will be revealed to you.
I know how scary it can be, but don’t be afraid of the process. It will take time, energy, and patience for you to truly grow into who you are meant to be. You must be bold and take risks and step away from the things that make you feel stuck. Do you think a caterpillar is afraid of the process it goes through to become a butterfly? I doubt it, a caterpillar will take the necessary steps to become what it is meant to be and so should you!
Don’t cripple your potential by not embracing change and allowing growth, step out of your comfort zone. Do not allow fear to stop you from becoming who you are meant to be!
Today I suggest you read Psalm 23, take a deep breath and go for it!