how to take betterfamily vacationpictures (1).pngEver since I was a little girl, I believed in a”fairy tale” kind of love. The type of love that you see in romance movies and read about in books. It’s no surprise that as I grew older I had a misconception of what I was looking for in love relationships. As you can imagine, I began relationships with people who I thought would give me that fairy tale romance. When they didn’t, I started to wonder if there even is such a thing. I began to doubt that I’d even find someone. Here’s the thing, Fairy tale relationships just do not exist. You are never going to find someone real if you keep looking for a fairy tale.

Real love happens after the “happily ever after”. After you’ve found prince charming and he swoops you off your feet, that’s when s**t gets real. That’s when you have to continuously remind yourself of why you fell in love. When all the flaws and bad habits are revealed and the disagreements begin.

The truth is, it takes patience, selflessness and respect to build the type of love that you are truly looking for. Trusting your partner even when its hard for you to do so, respecting your partner and most importantly praying for them. The strongest relationships are built from trust, respect, and God. Be each others peace.

With that said, today’s affirmation is for all the couples:

“My relationship is becoming stronger, deeper, and more stable each day”

I am no relationship guru, some days I get it right and others I don’t, but one thing I do know, is one of the best things in life is to come home to someone who is fighting alongside you, building you up and bringing you peace.