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Hi Beauties!

I have to tell you, today’s affirmation is so real for me. I am truly blessed with amazing family and friends. My courage and strength stem from me having a great support system. I have friendships that span over a decade and a family that goes above and beyond. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a little bit of anxiety considering that my parter and I were not exactly where we wanted to be financially. Overjoyed, of course, but as it goes with any major life change we were a little scared. We wanted to make sure our little one had everything she needed and more. Knowing what I know now, I would have never wasted my energy worrying. God works in ways we will never understand. He will never give you a task that you cannot handle and he will strategically place people around you who will help you and guid you through. Needless to say, my partner and I have not had to worry about a darn thing when it comes to our daughter. Our task is to love her and raise her to be a person of great contribution to this world. I am forever grateful to my family and friends for their unwavering support. I love you.