My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness..png


Hi Lady,

In the words of Luda, Move bih get out the way!

Not you, of course, I’m talking about these obstacles in my way. See, the way my year is planned, I have no time for obstacles. The path to success is long and hard as it is, I don’t want anything stopping me.

Today’s affirmations say “My obstacles are moving out of my way; My path is carved towards greatness.”

If the road to success was a smooth one, do you know how much I would accomplish. I would never stop. Unfortunately, obstacles are sometimes inevitable. I have lemons, life gave me a basket of lemons but today’s affirmation makes me feel more optimistic. Though obstacles are in my way, I will not allow them to hinder my success. Greatness is built from struggle. Some of the most successful people have had their share of obstacles. The reason for their success is that they never gave up on their dream. They did not allow anything or anyone keep them from their greatness. You may fall down 50 times but you get back up 51. Appreciate the struggle, stop and smell the roses from time to time but always keep moving forward!