Hello again,

This month is all about loving your self and your body just the way it is. For me, treating my body with kindness starts by fueling it with the best foods. It’s important that we eat wholesome foods so our bodies can perform to the best of its abilities. I decided to work on better eating habits because  I am a huge foodie and I  love my pizza, wings and burgers, but, I also love Kale salad and smoothies (no really, I do). Just to be clear, I am not dieting. I don’t promote fad diets, they are hard to maintain and god forbid you mess up your diet you end up feeling crappy because of it. Loving your body doesn’t mean that it needs to be skinny, loving your body means your body is healthy no matter what size. My post baby body needs a little lovin’ and it also needs a ton of fruits and vegetables to keep it healthy. So, in order to increase my intake of ” good foods” I concocted a few juice blends that are SUPER YUMMY. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorites so far.

1. Banana Mango Madness

Banana Mango.png


2. Spinach Cucumber Medley

Spinach Cucumber Medley.png


3. Apple Kale KrazyApple Kale Krazy.png


4. Orange Ginger Blast

Copy of Apple Kale Krazy.png


5. Very Berry Blend

Very Berry Blend.png


These recipes are my own creation but you can petty much mix any fruit and veggie and make a juice blend of your own. I used a juicer for most of the vegetables; carrots, spinach and apples have tons of juice. The Berries and Bananas I blended in a mixer because these are a big harder to juice. Most of my recipes also have Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother for an extra boost. Click the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar link for a list of health benefits. Hope you enjoy these recipes as much I did. Happy Blending!

PS. These recipes are all single servings.