Hey Beauties,

Long time no post! Yes, I know it’s been about two months now since my last post. It’s been a challenge keeping up with my monthly challenges. Writers block got the best of me and I lost motivation on February’s Love challenge. Every so often I go through a bout of the blues. I think its Gods way of telling me that I need to be patient when I’m trying to do too much. I start to feel stuck and frustrated and even though I pray, my prayers seem unanswered and unheard. God is probably working on all those prayers right now. I always think about that scene in Bruce almighty where Jim Carey is answering all the prayer mail. As soon as he thinks he’s making a dent, a thousand more prayers come in. I’d like to think that’s kind of how God really works. Who knows, maybe God is sitting at a desk in his corner heaven office and he’s got an angel receptionist who takes all his prayer mail and sorts it for him.

Anyway, when I go through these temporary bouts I like to withdraw from the world and center myself  and nothing helps me to do that more than reading. There’s something about immersing myself in a good book that seems to make everything better again.

I’m going to continue with the 30 day challenges and for the month of May I will be reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I recently watched a screening of the movie adaptation at the Scad Theater in Atlanta, GA and I loved it so much that I decided to read the book. I think that’s a challenge I can stick to. The journey of self-love is not a 30 day challenge, it’s more like an everyday, every second, every minute challenge. You have to constantly negate the negative thoughts in your head and that in itself is a challenge. Like they say, April showers bring May flowers and I definitely feel a bloom coming 🙂