Hi Boo,

So, I just caught myself in heavy daydream mode after I posted this on IG,

I’m sitting at my desk daydreaming about all the awesome blessings God is about to pour on my life when I realize that I’m contradicting my own message. How am I being grateful for the NOW when I’m not even HERE right now?
I seem to do this a lot, more often than usual these day. I started thinking, how is this helping me be grateful? How am I am showing my contentment if I’m too busy fantasysing about how awesome my life would be IF only… I’m pretty sure there is a bible verse for this, ah yes, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. I like this one.
Basically, I take it as a way to say relax, God’s got this. Be in the NOW.
Daydreaming is fun an all but I feel like it’s a way for you to distract yourself from the real issue. It takes away from being more present in your life, and how can you be grateful if you are not present. Awareness will allow to bring focus on those blessing that God has already given you. You can enjoy and make the best of your life when you practice being present and aware. Yes, daydreams are so much better than having to deal with the everyday stress but God will also give you strength and resilience to get through. You are never alone, this is something that I firmly believe but drifting off to lala land is not going to help any. I might as well embrace it and be present because until I do, God wont be pouring any blessing this way.