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Hello February!

Hi Ladies, Happy February! We are well into the new year and I am so proud of how well I did in January. I set some small goals and I was able to accomplish them (Pat on the back for me!).... Continue Reading →

Day Twenty: Affirmation Challenge

Day Nineteen: Affirmation challenge

Hey Boo, Today's affirmation is such a wonderful reminder to always live in the moment. I'm learning to appreciate the now and a worry less about tomorrow. I've learned to allow things to come as they come, and deal with things one day... Continue Reading →

Day Eighteen: Affirmation Challenge

Day Seventeen: Affirmation Challenge

Day Sixteen: Affirmation Challenge

Day Fifteen: Affirmation Challenge

What does your future looks like? Where do you see yourself in five years, or even one year from now? How do you plan on achieving that future? Have you set goals? What are some of the steps you are... Continue Reading →

Day Fourteen: Affirmation Challenge

Day Thirteen: Affirmation Challenge

  Hi Lady, In the words of Luda, Move bih get out the way! Not you, of course, I'm talking about these obstacles in my way. See, the way my year is planned, I have no time for obstacles. The path... Continue Reading →

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